A Supplier Partnering Agreement At The University Of Las Vegas


When Daniel and his team started the analysis, they identified four major problems: – the supplier`s costs were above the market average. – The supplier was facing a continuous decline in volume. – The Service Level Agreement (SLA) was cost-sensitive. – There have been critical dependencies between the supplier and Credit Suisse. 1.Analyze the events and consequences that lead to the situation described in the banking sector and in particular in Credit Suisse Group, particularly in the 1990s. 2.What general problems with the former provider can you identify? 3.What are the benefits of Credit Suisse`s new supplier management/assessment system? 4.Si you were in Daniel Parker`s position, what other preventative measures would you consider to manage the transition process as smoothly as possible with respect to the historical supplier and your own procurement team? 5.Write down the most important steps in IT provider switching management. On July 5, 2000, billings Equipment, Inc.`s General Manager Unit commissioned the procurement management team to renegotiate existing agreements for a 10 per cent reduction with major suppliers because the costs were higher than expected. Jeff Martin, a supply management engineer, was ordered, along with all purchasing staff, to immediately contact his suppliers with what they consider to be very bad news. Jeff had to deal with the demand from his suppliers. Recently, someone went to suppliers who posed as officers from our university.

Learn more about fraud. Our diversity program focuses on opportunities to identify opportunities and promote a more diverse supplier base that creates increased competition while maximizing resources and strengthening economic development. In June 1998, Billings Equipment Inc. created a new business line and opened a plant in Seattle to produce a new line of earthmoving machines for the construction industry. The organization has had a history of impeccable ethical treatment of suppliers and has been described as an industry leader. For two years, Jeff was actively involved in the cost and cycle period of his suppliers. All participants agreed that the process was sometimes emotional, with blood, sweat and tears shed. Jeff`s suppliers had invested a lot of personal hours and considerable costs to reach this moment. It had become a tense but functional relationship. “Congratulations, Scott. You are the new supply manager at our new Deere – Company Commercial Worksite Products production facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. As you know, we really need your help to make this new facility fully operational in 24 months.

I am sure you are aware that your new task is to integrate suppliers into the product development process of our own deere factory elbow loader as quickly as necessary. You will speak directly to me, and I need a proposal from you until we meet next week, June 15, 1996. When Scott hung up the phone with James Field, the plant manager and his immediate boss, he realized it wasn`t just a request. In his proposal, he knew that he (a) had to identify and justify the suppliers to be integrated into the product development phase and b) to structure relations with these selected suppliers. The recommendations in its proposal were to ensure that the new facility could be put into service smoothly until the target date of July 1998. has been a reliable supplier to CJI for a number of years, but nothing else had ever been purchased by them. As demand for these pumps was rather low and deliveries were sporadic, they never achieved performance records. Nor had Mr.

Grams known exactly about the quality history of the heavey pump, although he never remembered getting one of the Great Lakes returned for any reason. Until now, the pump problem did not seem to be fearing.

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