Comdata Cardholder Agreement


Subject to a $5.00/card per month fee, the installation fee is $50. Additional charges may be charged for optional services, late payments and/or credit risks. Full compliance and full load service and support for better productivity. “The line of credit is useful because it allows me to get paid first for the work I do and to have the money I need to work. I never leave the house without my card® because I know I can count on it. If you`re travelling, there`s no time to waste. Save time with tools such as Comdata OnRoad, which allow your drivers to quickly have the resources they need to operate while providing access to personal resources for comfort. Comdata helps our customers develop first-class payment programs using our unique credit card issuer, technology developer, transaction processor and payment network owners capabilities. High-performance analytics for smarter fuel decisions Driver control to keep you in charge. Fleet maps with federal discounts and savings for cost tracking and cost control. Fuel card solutions that allow small fleets to save more, spend less and adjust to scale — to go where they are now, where they are.

“I like the support I get. The customer service is phenomenal at all levels. We are trusted providers who help meet evolving compliance requirements while taking on paperwork to free up your staff for other tasks. Confidence for more than 50 years by the best-managed fleets in America. 50 years of innovation to advance larger fleets with more savings, efficiency and control per kilometre.

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