Simple Cooperation Agreement


A cooperation agreement defines the rights and obligations of companies. These rights and obligations include confidentiality, intellectual property, guarantees and compensation. Unless article V of this agreement is provided otherwise and if this agreement is not renewed by a reciprocal written agreement between the parties, this agreement automatically expires at the entry of one of the following events, if any: the parties hereafter enter into a non-exclusive agreement as follows: 8.1 The parties act as independent entities and are not permitted to enter into agreements on behalf of the other party or to engage it by other means. SUBCONTRACTOR does not offer exclusive professional services/products to other suppliers or directly to the customer for part of the project without Prime`s prior written permission. Subject to other agreements between the parties that remain fully in force, restrictions on the reproduction, disclosure or use of protected information do not apply to the reproduction, disclosure or use of protective information that are subject to one of the following conditions: upon receipt of such information under this agreement (a) it is made public by the itinante party or disclosed without restriction by the party; (b) was legally obtained from the party receiving it, without restriction, from other sources, including the client, provided that other source did not receive it as a result of a violation of this agreement or other agreement between the parties; or (c) if this information is communicated by other means or is made public without fault of the receiving party. 2.1 The parties must be loyal to the other party and seek healthy cooperation. Unless the loss or damage is caused by the misappropriation or unlawful disclosure of intellectual property rights or confidential business information by one of the parties, neither party will be held liable, in all cases, for the loss of earnings or loss of value, or other indirect, individual, indirect or subsequent damage suffered by the other party under this agreement. Subject to the above, the direct harm may not exceed the reimbursement of the costs and costs incurred by the aggrieved party in the development of the proposal and the implementation of this agreement. The parties agree that a violation by either party of the obligations set out in this agreement would cause irreparable harm to the other party, which could not be compensated for by criminal damages, and that each party is entitled to seek and obtain a temporary and permanent cease and destable action in order to avoid such harm. 1.4 This is voluntary cooperation between the contracting parties as individual companies and not as a joint venture, joint venture or other legal entity, and each party remains responsible for its own activities and cannot legally engage or engage the other contracting party without further agreement.

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