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In a 1971 speech, “The Room, the Street, and Human Agreement,” Kahn developed this concept: “Space is the beginning of architecture. This is the place of the mind. In space, with its dimensions, its structure, its light, you react to its character, to its spiritual aura, and you realize that everything that man proposes and does becomes a life.┬áLouis Kahn sought the essence of a building by recalling the original human desires that demanded its creation. He believed that design developed naturally from these fundamental instincts, based on an understanding of the function that each piece would perform. It was the spirit of the architect that reflected the ideal of space in physical shape. The text The Room, the Street and Human Agreement is very poetically similar to certain concerns that are also part of our exhibition, such as the relationship between the outside and the interior, the public and the private, the space and the street. Spaces are linked to each other to strengthen their own unique states. The auditorium wants to be a violin. Its hall is the violin briefcase. The structure of a room must be visible in the space itself. The structure I believe is the light giver. A square room asks for its own light to read the place. He would expect light from either above or from its four sides as windows or entrances.

A city is measured by the character of its institutions. The street was one of its first institutions. Today, these institutions are being judged. I think it`s because they lost the inspiration of their beginnings. The institutions of learning must come from the indisputable feeling in all of us of the desire to learn. I have often thought that this feeling comes from the way we were made, that nature is recorded in everything it does, how it was made. This recording is also in man, and it is this one in us that pushes us to seek his history, which includes the laws of the universe, the source of all materials and means, and the psyche the source of all expression, art. The meeting house is a common room under the same roof.

It looks like one came out of the other naturally. I have some thoughts on the spirit of architecture. I decided to talk about space, the street and the human agreement. The society of spaces is the place where it is good to learn, to live well, to work well. The space of the Spirit can also be interpreted as a place inhabited by the Spirit. This encourages reflection and reflection, and this is where ideas for new buildings are born. Kahn took over the realm of the intellect – learning, commemorating and appreciating – in his innovative designs for libraries, memorials and museums. You, in space, with its dimensions, its structure, its light, react to its character, to its spiritual aura, and you realize that what man proposes and does becomes a life. Please copy this integration script and insert it into where you want to integrate this form.

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