Somewhere I belong


We work hard for the money and worried about the scale of our property; on the other side of the world, there is someone lose their home because of our selfishness

This is a road movie of a penguin, he tried by hook and by crook to get find the way back home. The first person he encounter was “Worker Polar Bear” and the same aspiration brought them together. Many things have happened in the days of looking for the home direction; However, before reaching the last destination, the one’s greatest enemy- Human World is waiting for them.


這是一部企鵝式公路電影,主角阿爬不惜萬水千山,歷盡艱苦,不停拓出往前的路, 誓要找出歸途。旅途上遇上淪為苦力的北極熊,二人同為背負著歸家的決心而變成對抗人類社會的拍檔; 這對極地組合在尋找回家方向的日子裡,發生了許多事情,然而,最大的考驗“文明發展”還在旅行的盡頭等著他們。