Polyu InfoLit for U – welcome video



InfoLit for U – Character promo

The video utilises information integration to stimulate creativity and show the creative process of “Little Potato”. “Little potato” metaphor for everyone to learn will experience an immature stage. The design team uses different methods to show the creative process, including motion graphic, stop-motion animation, and live-action. To express from information to ideas, then become materialised.

The “Little Potato” has become an important characters in the coming videos, and accompanying the students to grow and learn together.

Client: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Executive Producer: Dr Johnny Yuen (PolyU)
Associate Producer: Ms Carol Ma (PolyU)
Production Manager: Mr Patrick Cheong (PolyU)

Talent: Ms Bon Bon Wong

Idea and video production: Be Bloom Studio

Audio Production Unit: Cresendo Media Service Ltd.
Audio Engineers: Mr Mayo Wong
Audio Engineers: Mr Oakey Lo
Audio Engineers: Mr William Yeung